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Here you will find some of our parents to our beautiful puppies!

Our Pomeranian mom Sandals she weighs 8 pounds

Our blue merle Pomeranian Stud, Little Ezekiel, weighs only 4 pounds!

This is our Toy Doxie Mom, Pretzel. She weighs in at 7 pounds and loves to cuddle.

Our Yorkshire Terrier Daddy, Valeint. He weighs 4 pounds and is non-shed.

Our Pomeranian mom, Bootsie. She is Sandal's sister.

Our Maltese/Toy Aussie mom . She weighs 12 pounds and is non-shedding. Her name is Breezy and she has blue eyes!!!

Our Yorkshire Terrier Daddy, London. He weighs 7 pounds and has a non-shed coat.