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Puppy Owner Info

Your puppy has been fed Purina puppy chow soaked in water with plain yogurt and cottage cheese. We recommend that you stick to the same diet as any change can upset your puppy’s tummy. Feed your puppy 3 times a day until 4 months of age. If you want to change the puppy’s diet do so after you have had the puppy for 4 weeks, then you will want to introduce the new food gradually. This also includes treats we recommend all-natural bones, choo hooves, pig ears etc.

It is VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR PUPPY EATS put the food down let the puppy eat until he walks away and pick it up put it back in the refrigerator. If your puppy is a tiny breed, please make sure they have access to food overnight for 4 weeks this is recommended for any puppy that will weigh under 11 pounds full grown.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a life threating condition. Keeping honey in their water will help. You must change it daily, but the most important thing is that the puppy is eating. If the puppy is not eating try some chicken baby food and make sure the puppy gets 12to 16 hours of sleep every day. When they get too tired they don’t have the energy to eat.

We do not cover Hypoglycemia in our health guarantee because once a puppy leaves our care, we cannot be control if/when the puppy is fed. It is up to you as the new family.



Your puppy has been raised indoors and many times at a different elevation. We recommend that you n not leave your puppy alone outside. They can get too hot or too cold quickly and become ill! Five to ten minutes at a time is maximum until the puppy is acclimated to his new environment DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PUPPY IN THE CAR ALONE!

When housebreaking your puppy, you will want to be outside to praise him the exact moment he goes potty. This way he will want to please you and the process will go faster. At night be sure not to excite the puppy because then he will want to play instead of going back to sleep. We recommend that you crate train them at night only. During the day you will want to keep the puppy in a small area about 4 foot square as close to the door you use to take him out to potty as it can be. In that area put his bed far away from the door and a potty patch close to the door. He will need access to water all the time you can use the crate for his bed.

Remember to put the food down let him eat what he wants, then pick it up.


NUISANCE BARKING (yappy) how to stop this behavior

Many breeds have the problem of barking which can be very irritating to the  neighbors!

We recommend when crate training at night to tap loudly on top of the crate (do not speak) this will create the sensation of the sky falling in.

More importantly  DO NOT GIVE posative Attention to a barking puppy! 

Negative such as your scowl or putting pebbles in a can and shaking it at the puppy with a stern NO! The hardest thing is Remembering to give your quiet puppy lots of smiles and love because  a quiet puppy makes everyone happy!

(928)229-9848 Please text as we have limited reception for phone calls THANKS SALLY